Visit to Haidian Church, Beijing

Sunday, December 6th

by Vilvan Gunasingham

Today our delegation attended Sunday service at the Haidian Church in Beijing – one of seven services today at the church. My excitement was triggered when I got closer to the church. There were hundreds people lining up to enter the church. The views of my Chinese workmates telling me about all the difficulties Christians are faced with in China was not visible to me. I was emotionally moved the minute I entered the church witnessing a young choir with forty people and an army of young ushers. The pulpit area was loaded with offerings such as fruits, bags of rice, cooking oil and several packed gifts. Interestingly the pulpit stand was just enough to place an open bible that was held hard by the pastor when he delivered a thundering sermon. There were six rows of communion trays with 10 layers each. Even though the church was filled with a minimum of seventeen hundred people only confirmed people were allowed to receive the communion. The 30 ushers were on the run moving communion trays efficiently as possible. The UCC Delegation was well received by the congregation. I felt sincerity and love in the church.

I was able to gather the following data:

Registered members: 8000

Number of services on a Sunday: 6

Attendance per service: 1700

As their pastoral team exceeds over 50; they also conducted services at over 58 meeting points.


I am grateful to God for providing me this unexpected witness.

My God bless His work in China.

Vilvan Gunasingham
General Council Executive


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