United and Uniting

Also present at the Nanjing Theological Consultation was Geoff Thompson, minister and teacher for the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) – an ecumenical partner of The United Church of Canada.  The UCA led a similar delegation visit in 2013 at the invitation of the CCC, and the churches continue to explore and deepen their partnership.  Of the consultation, Geoff writes:

“Listening in to the various presentations and the interactions which they produced,  I was struck at how often the conversations replayed the dialogue the UCA and CCC had undertaken in 2013. It didn’t take long for questions such as these to emerge: How is the unity of the church articulated theologically? What is the relationship between gospel and culture? What are the demands and opportunities of being post-denominational and post-Christendom churches in both China and Canada? How does the church co-operate with the state in the provision of community services (a new possibility for the Chinese church which was prevented from doing so until 2011). I think that united and uniting churches work, at least implicitly, with ecclesiologies that are not easily mapped on to the ecclesiologies of Christendom. I think that in exploring these questions the UCA, the CCC and UCC are fellow-travellers.”

You can visit Geoff’s blog and read the entire post here: http://xenizonta.blogspot.ca/2015/12/canada-china-church-observers.html


Photo: General Secretary Nora Sanders with Geoff Thompson of the Uniting Church of Australia.  Geoff teaches systematic theology at the Centre for Theology and Ministry in Melbourne.

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