Betsy Anderson


I am Betsy Anderson and I live in Toronto.  I work at Emmanuel College part-time as Coordinator of Continuing Education.  I am an active lay leader at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church.  My husband, Jim Endicott and I have five adult children and three granddaughters.

I have been interested in the church in China for a long time. Initially through my connection to the Endicott family who have a long family history of working in the West China Mission and then through Ray and Rhea Whitehead, friends who brought their experience of long years of service in Hong Kong to first the global work of the Anglican, and United Church as well as the Canada China programme of the Canadian Council of Churches.

Victoria University and Emmanuel College have strong connections to several institutions of higher education in China and are hosting a Conference on Christianity in China in the 21st Century this October.

I see a number of opportunities at a personal, church and work level have an opportunity to meet Chinese Christians and see the Church in its own setting and hear its interpretation of mission in a very complex, diverse and ever-changing setting.  I believe I and we have much to learn as we explore Church life and Christian faith in very different contexts.

I also expect to gain a great deal from my United Church colleagues on this delegation representing the United Church.