David Jones

David Jones - cropped

I’m David and I’ll be joining the delegation as a full time M.Div student of Emmanuel College. While I’m entering my final year of study, and intend after to become an ordained minister, I remain relatively new to the United Church, to Christianity, and even to being (self-consciously) religious. As a result, I have felt it helpful to ease into this new community, and am still considering pursuing further religious education as I continue the journey toward ministry.

Prior to my enrolment in the M.Div at Emmanuel, I completed an M.A. in international affairs and a B.Hum at Carleton University in Ottawa. During this time my long held interest in religion deepened and transformed. I remember one of my first year professors of religious studies urging her religious students to keep an open mind while we embarked on a textual and historical study of scripture, promising that doing so would yield a deeper and more resilient faith even as it challenged certain convictions. Having never attended a church service, and lacking any religious instruction at home, I did not count myself among the class’s religious students. Yet, the promise held for me too; about six years later I was ready to admit to myself and to my family that I was religious! Every day since then has been a day of discovery.

I am very excited to be a part of this delegation. Certainly it is an opportunity to explore my interests in international cooperation and religion at once, interests I very much hope to combine in my eventual ministry. At this time, though, I am most excited for the opportunity to enter into relationship with fellow UCC members, and to help make a meaningful contribution to our shared community that has so graciously welcomed me.