Justin McNeill

Justin McNeillHi everyone! I am Justin McNeill, a lifelong member of the United Church and a candidate for ordained ministry, studying the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Originally from Alberta, my wife and I moved to the east coast so that we might both continue our divinity training here at AST.  It is constantly amazing to see just how much our country and our world has to offer.  As well as being a student, I am also the children and youth program staff for Bethany United Church here in Halifax.

I have a genuine passion for the future of the United Church and I am really interested to see what we, as a denomination, can learn from the post-denominational context of the protestant church in China.  I think the United Church has a great history of thinking outside of the box and I would love to engage in some of that thinking and learning as we enter into the ever evolving post-modern era of being church.

I have had the fortune of traveling to a number of places in the past, but this will be my first time traveling to China.  I am both nervous and excited to see what this experience will teach me, not only in the travel itself but also the ways in which these experiences will have a lasting impact.