Nora Sanders


Nora_SandersI have served as General Secretary of the General Council since 2007.  Although a lifelong United Church person, this is my first staff role in the United Church.  I am originally from southwestern Ontario, but my career as a lawyer and a public servant took me from Ontario, to the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Saskatchewan.  A layperson, I have chaired the board of a congregation, led an Explorers group, taught Sunday school, represented my congregation at Presbytery, and been one of the initiators of a fellowship group in a community without a United Church congregation.  My teenage son and I live near the General Council Office in Toronto with two large dogs and a calico cat.

I am looking forward to the journey to China for the opportunity to encounter Christian faith in a very different setting.  I hope I will have something to share with our church counterparts in China, and also that I will learn from them, and perhaps plant seeds for future relationship.  I also look forward to getting to know, and getting to know better, my fellow travelers from the United Church of Canada.