Rhonda Johns

Rhonda JohnsI am a status Aboriginal from Six Nations Reserve, which is about 10 miles outside of Brantford, ON.

I’m a single mother of two children, David, 30 and Shanda 21.  I am one of 6 children, parents are Allen & Jeanette Johns.  My father past away 8 years ago, my mother is now 82.

I have worked for Nations Uniting, which is an Outreach Ministry/Education Center as a Program Coordinator for 5 years.  We provide programs that bring Native and Non-Natives together, teaching others our Culture and Traditions. Having our elders, teachers and community members to share their knowledge with everyone.

Since the Residential School era took our Traditions and Language away, we want to bring it back building bridges with Native and Non- Natives to show and educate them why this meant so much to us. Such as our Crafts, Language, Medicines, Ceremonies etc.

I have met a lot of peoples that has come through Nations Uniting doors, Global partners, from South Africa, Philippines, Brazil, El Salvador.  Other Native Reserves, Oneida, Curve Lake, Saugeen, Owen Sound, etc.

Seeing all different peoples and hear about their cultures is so amazing to me, so going to China would be a interesting culture and how they may have similar issues as we did as Aboriginals and Canadian peoples.